Google SketchUp preparation for Minecraft

Students of CAIS MYP1-3 have begun using Google SketchUp to model plans and designs for their new city and society in Minecraft. Alongside brainstorming sessions and written briefs of how they will work collaboratively to achieve their goals, they have used SketchUp and other 2D tools to help them visualise important structures. This forms part of the IB Investigate and Design stages of the Design Cycle.

Minecraft planning

Minecraft investigation and design stage

As we move forward the groups will negotiate the key structures that will be built and teams will be setup to begin construction at a later stage. Consideration of available materials at outset will be taken into account. Groups will negotiate how the Minecraft stage will start off – in creative or survival mode. As tutor I will take into consideration whether to start the game in survival mode with building materials provided in a strategic storage area. How the groups make decisions on materials, sharing and collaboration will be key to evolution of the project. Here is an example IB lesson plan detailing some of this weeks instructions. The groups are also collaborating using our Computer Technology Moodle site.

Students using Google SketchUp to plan Minecraft layouts

Minecraft SketchUp planning...

Minecraft at CAIS China… Using MinecraftEdu in the classroom

We have now embarked upon using Minecraft as a teaching and learning tool in our Computer Technology IB classes at Changchun American International School. We have two strands – groups MYP1-3 using the Minecraft environment to build upon a humanities course which taught the novel City of Embers. Students will create a city/society with inspiration from the book. The group will plan and design a functioning embryonic society taking into account issues such as sustainability, shelter, transportation, etc. This will form the basis of telling their story through Minecraft, blogging, videos and more.

The groups MYP4-5 are taking an urban planning approach to redevelop areas of central Changchun city taking into account issues of design, sustainability, regulation, transport, green issues, materials and policy.

We are using the excellent mod from which is working out very well for us. Expect more news, thoughts, videos and more here soon…